Banner towing and advertising flights

Banner towing

For aerial advertising: Tessel Air of course.
We can tow the text of your choosing at a time you decide upon to the location you want. Draw attention to and announce your event, the opening of a firm or an anniversary. The aircraft will circle over the specified location and using a catchy text will draw the attention of the crowds in the neighbourhood. A banner can consist of a maximum of 24 letters or signs in the colours red and black. For other options we advise you to contact us. Because of the ideal position of our island during the summer we can easily reach the whole North Sea coast from Texel to Zeeland. Just think about how many people you can reach with your commercial in a very simple manner. You can even use the banner to ask your partner to marry you.... Tessel air can however not be held responsible for the “Yes, I will”.
And contemplate using a flying bill board, like the biggest and most eye catching biplane in the world, our Antonov 2. This unique aircraft has such a span that you can have your logo or message put onto the fuselage or the wings very clearly. Attention guaranteed! We are happy to give you a personal advice on banner towing and other forms of aerial publicity. For with 24 letters or a custom printed biplane we are speaking custom made. Our speciality.