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Company opportunities.

A growing number of companies wants to organize a nice outing , but nowadays most things have been done such as paint ball , a company dinner , survival in the Ardennes , going to the Casino . It can me more exciting . Treat your employees to a scenic flight , a trial flying lesson or something sensational : a tandem skydive . It is an unforgettable experience , come to the PCT and experience the unique airborne sensation: free fall . Enterprising colleagues are hooked onto one of our jump masters and together they exit the aircraft at an altitude of about three kilometers . Then the freefall , lasting about half a minute . The tandem master opens the main parachute and the last kilometer is a relaxed moment : gliding back to Texel soil where the touchdown , light as a feather , is the perfect end of an absolutely unforgettable experience.

Sponsoring opportunities.

Does your company want to attract attention to itself and are you looking for a creative and eye catching manner of sponsoring : have you considered a parachute ? Your company logo on a tandem parachute ? Rewarding employees with a tandem jump using your own parachute ? A tandem skydive is witnessed by hundreds of thousands of people each year ! You can also invest in a skydiving team to make display jumps for your company or in printing your company logo on the student jump suits . It will no go unnoticed as each year a few hundred thousand spectators visit the Paracentrum . Many possibilities exist and attention is guaranteed . Consider our conspicuous biplane , the Antonov 2 , as a flying billboard over the beaches , cities and roads . An airplane no one can miss . Moreover this giant can drop large teams of skydivers during events . Skydivers and a biplane , we cannot come up with a more noticeable combination .