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Paracentrum Texel was founded by skydiving pioneer Bob Rienks in 1969. There were no square parachutes yet , the round parachute was the norm and a free fall was something only very experienced skydivers did .In those days you could call yourself a skydiver if you had between a few dozen and a hundred jumps to your name . Nowadays a skydiver with thousand jumps calls himself reasonably experienced .... Changes came fast . During the seventies parachutes became better , as did the instruction . Interest in jumping grew , and Paracentrum grew with it . The square parachute was introduced and freefall techniques grew explosively . Paracentrum Texel moved from an improvised cow barn , used as a packing area , to a part of the airfield hangar. Next that hangar was replaced by our present modern building . Pioneering has given way to operating from a strict structure , keeping the loose , informal atmosphere . Every year tens of thousands of jumps are made . Paracentrum Texel has been the center of national and international skydiving for decades . Thousands of students got their licenses and many thousands of experienced jumpers come to better their techniques , to jump at boogies ( fun jumping periods ) or to take part in competition . Recreational jumpers alone make a few thousand tandem skydives each year . All thanks to the solid Texel instruction team and the experience gained over the years . Instructors compete at world level and Paracentrum Texel has one of the biggest and obstacle free drop zones of Europe . Of course Paracentrum Texel meets the rules and regulations set by the government . In brief : professional , dynamic , entertaining and above all safe . Some of our instructors have over 12,000 jumps to their name : enough said !