This name is a combination of two things: Isola for the island of Texel and quip for equipment. This subsidiary company of the Paracentrum Texel trades in everything that is skydiving related. From picture postcards, T-shirts, books on skydiving, toys and jumpsuits to the most advanced parachute gear, you have come to the right place at Isola Quip. Our shop is situated at the counter of the Paracentrum, where you can buy the smaller items. If you want to purchase parachutes etc. one of our instructors is at your service. Our experience in the past years guarantees a customized price quotation when purchasing your new gear. We have for many years been dealers for some of the major actories in the field of skydiving, among others Performance Designs (parachutes) , Sunpath (harness/containers), Symbiosis suits (jumpsuits), Larsen & Brusgaard (audible altimeters), Airtec (Automatic Activation Devices's) and Parasport Italia (helmet and gloves). Our staff regularly visits international symposia to stay up to date with the latest developments. All this with the purpose in mind of being able to give you, our customers, correct and complete advice .