Militairy Courses

Military jumpers at PCT

Since the Paracentrum was founded in 1969 many military personnel have been trained. Nowadays Paracentrum Texel has become so well-known that we train both Dutch military personnel as well as several other nationalities. For instance every spring and fall a group of British military personnel come back for their traditional jump week. But soldiers from the United States, Kuwait, Hong Kong and many other countries have found their way to Texel .

Being a soldier you can choose two methods of 'static-line' courses (the parachute is automatically opened immediately after exiting the aircraft ).

Static line round
The round canopy method of parachuting has always been closely linked to military jumping .
The canopy used is the prototype of the parachute. Landings under parachutes of  this type are softer when compared to those a number of years ago and the parachute is controllable ( as opposed to most military parachutes ). It is the cheapest training for the five jumps required for the wing. If we have enough people on the course jumps can be made from the Antonov-2. This is a very special aeroplane, the only one flying in the Netherlands and the biggest single engine biplane in the world. This airplane used to fly in the Eastern Bloc. Jumping from the Antonov is definitely a sensation. With round parachutes jumps are made from an altitude of 2000 ft ( about 600 meters ) .

Static line square.
This course is done for the square parachute. Nowadays squares are used by Special Forces, the square hardly has anything in common with the round parachute. As a result of the special flying characteristics of this type of parachute it can be controlled accurately and landed softly. With this parachute jumps are made from 3500 feet (about 1100 meters ).

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