Instructor Courses


Paracentrum Texel not only teaches plenty of student every year, we also train instructors. If you want an extra rating to your list we have an examiner waiting for you.

It is our goal to employ as many instructors that we have trained ourselves, as possible.

If you've only just started jumping and think you might want to make your hobby into a carreer, our unique trainee program gives you a chance to start learning instructional skills from very early on. By being around students and tandem passengers every day you learn vey quickly. Trainees often come back after a year to work as packers and start their helpinstructor training. After working as helpinstuctor for a few years, it's only a small step to become an instructor or go for your AFF or tandem rating.

For any exam we have examiners acredited by the Royal Dutch Association for Aviation.

For rigger exams you've also come to the right place.