Advanced courses

The A-license package
The Paracentrum Texel offers a possibility to get your A-licence in unique circumstances. This package consist of 18 jumps, 13 specifically aimed at the requirements:

  • 5 formation skydiving instruction jumps with an instructor
  • 5 canopy control jumps from 7000 feet
  • 3 continuation jumps from 7000,5000 and 3500 feet .
  • 5 solo jumps from 13000 feet.

For current prices and availability please contact the Paracentrum

After getting the A-licence ...
Skydiving really has a hold on you and you want nothing else ! You want to train in one of the many disciplines.
within skydiving. That can be done. At the Paracentrum we have coaches and instructors for those disciplines. All belong to the national and sometimes international elite. Skydivers who like to pass on their knowledge to new, beginning skydivers. In an enthusiastic and passionate manner they will do their utmost to teach you the 'tricks'. We have coaches for:

  • One on one jumping and coaching for 'big ways '
  • 4 and 8-way teams
  • freestyle and free fly
  • canopy handling