Total Jump Experience

Static-line exit

The Total Jump experience (TJE) is new and the course of the future. It is the most accessible and the cheapest way to learn jumping out of an aircraft on your own. After the written or electronic booking and mention of your preferred dates for the course you will receive our confirmation. If we have any questions concerning your booking we will contact you.
You arrive at the Paracentrum on Sunday afternoon. You have to report between 14.00 and 16.00 to deal with administrative matters. At 17.00 you will meet the instruction team and your fellow students. You will also get a guided tour of the Paracentrum. You can immediately experience the dynamic character of our sport: calls on the public address system, skydivers donning their gear and preparing for the jump, others packing the parachutes they just used, multicoloured parachutes in the air and skydivers landing near our hangar. Of course our two turbine aircraft will make themselves heard!

The following day training starts, first everything you will need to know about exiting the aircraft and making a soft landing under a modern square parachute. Because every action is briefed thoroughly the course is an intensive one. For instance a lot of attention is paid to the manner of exiting the aircraft, the handling of the parachute and the way to land softly and in the proper place. The reserve procedure too will be dealt with at some length. If the weather cooperates you will make your first jump that very same Monday: a static line jump from an altitude of one kilometer. On this static line jump the main parachute is opened immediately after exiting by a line attached to the aircraft. You will make a total of five such jumps during the next few days after which you are entitled to your Static Line Licence.

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