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Formation jump


Over the years Paracentrum Texel gained a good name among dedicated team jumpers. Teams wanting to make many jumps in a short period of time in order to make their training schedule pay off. This can only be achieved if the facilities meet the highest standards. The Paracentrum can offer these facilities: the lift capacity, a professional staff and manifest, separate debriefing rooms and a landing area next to our hangar. No wonder that both national and international top coaches recommend the Paracentrum.


Paracentrum Texel has experts for every discipline in skydiving. Experienced jumpers who have made their marks both home and abroad. These coaches guarantee that you will develop your skills at your own level, in your own tempo, and therefore in the most efficient manner.
Whether it concerns individual coaching or 'in-air' instruction, 4-way, big way or free fly instruction, we at the Paracentrum have a suitable coach available for each discipline.