Skydive Texel, experience of a lifetime

Tandem jump

Skydive. A way of life
No matter if you just want to jump once, take a course or have made hundreds of jumps already, Paracentrum Texel has everything to make your jump a succes. The most scenic location in the Netherlands and the friendliest and most professional staff, who live to jump.

Skydive. That's what I want to learn
Always dreamed of jumping out of an aeroplane all by yourself?! Falling through the air and opening your parachute unassisted? Learning how to skydive is easier than you think. Paracentrum Texel offers two courses to people who want to learn how to skydive. Each of the courses starts with one day of theoretical instruction and then the fun starts. A skydiving course takes one or two weeks and can easily be combined with a holiday on Texel.

Skydive. I've always wanted to try that
The easiest way to make a skydive is to make a tandemjump. You will be hooked up to an instructor. There is no groundschool and you don't have to think of anything but to enjoy the ride. There is no minimum or maximum age to make a tandemjump.

Skydive. You've never had enough
For teams and idividual skydivers who would like to improve their skills, Paracentrum Texel offers excellent facilities. A big hangar, teamrooms, a dropzone right in front of the hangar, fast aircraft, professional manifest and staff.

Skydive. And that's not all
In the same building as Paracentrum Texel you'll also find Tessel Air. For banner towing, aerial photography and flyinglessons. Scenic flights start as low as €30,- and children fly for half price. Take the whole familiy for flight over Texel.

Skydive. Boogie till you drop
Four times a year Paracentrum Texel organises a big event. These events draw people from all over the world. Each of the events focusses on a different disciple in skydiving, but they all have one thing in common. Rain or shine, it's always a ball.

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